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Where’s Chi Chang?

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Chi Chang

Did you miss Chi Chang when he was in DC? The live terracotta warrior danced, fought and spirited his way around DC. Can you guess where he is in this photo?

Respond with the correct answer for a chance to win a limited edition National Geographic Museum terracotta warrior t-shirt.


Special Collection Preview

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Photo courtesy of Wang Da Gang

Photo courtesy of Wang Da Gang

Stay tuned in the coming months as we put these special collection photos into a down-loadable e-book. It will be a great teaching tool, coffee table piece or just something to nurture your travel fantasies.

Terra Cotta Warrior Photo Challenge

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Horses excavated from the burial site

Horses excavated from the burial site

As you know, National Geographic Museum is running a photo challenge. The pictures posted on the site are all possible forerunners. To be considered for the challenge, please submit your photos to our flickr group. For more information look here:

Special Thanks to Steve Cherrier for sharing about his photo experience:

I was a very new photographer back when the photo was taken in June of 2006. My wife and I were along with four other friends on a trip of a lifetime to China. I was very excited to be seeing the Terracotta Warriors and was simply in awe when we stepped into the main chamber where the bulk of the warriors were displayed.

This particular shot was taken near the back of the main chamber where a number of horses were displayed. I couldn’t resist focusing on the detailed heads of the horses as they were so beautiful.

About me – I’m a photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I’ve grown a lot in the last few years of taking that photo. I specialize now in portraiture and creative themes. My work is featured on my web site at

Secrets of the First Emperor

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For a lengthy and animated history of the emperor, this video provides an interesting dramatization of the army.

Fast Fact Monday

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Not yet ready for the week?

Quick: What is a tarpan?
Answer: An extinct horse. To learn about their relevance in relation to the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit, read on.

1.) Although it has never been excavated, the emperor’s burial chamber is thought to be 33-44 yards (30-40 meters) below the original ground level.
2.) Emperor Qin’s living warriors wore armor was made from overlapping plates probably made of lacquered leather representing fish scale designs.
3.) There are no female soldiers because women were not allowed in the Chinese army.
4.) The horses with the chariots are tarpans, a small horse that is now extinct.
5.) Not only are there terra cotta warriors, but also other types of figures- civil officials, musicians, and acrobats.

Did you miss him?

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chichang2Were you one of the few lonely souls who missed seeing the live terra cotta warrior in DC? Not to fear, over the next few months we will be updating the blog every Friday with photos and stories of his adventures around town.

Were you one of the lucky souls to see him? Did you take his picture? Laugh with him? Accidentally get hit on the head? Share your story and your pictures by connecting with us on facebook.

Special Collection Preview

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Photo courtesy of Wang Da Gang

Photo courtesy of Wang Da Gang

Photographer Wang Da Gang continues to surprise us with his interesting and poignant photos of the warriors. Check back each Thursday to see other never released terra cotta warrior photos.