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Photo Challenge

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As you probably know by now, we are running a photo challenge! The challenge winner will get their photograph posted in the National Geographic Museum entry-way into the exhibit. Each week, we like to feature one entrant who has taken a possible contender.

Photocontest entry


Firsthand Footage of the Warriors

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Chill out. Watch the warriors. Get excited for the Fall.

Fast Fact Monday

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This month has flown by and with it your knowledge of all things terra cotta must have swelled immensely. Here are a few more facts to get you ready for the day you encounter Jeopardy’s “Terra Cotta Warriors” category.

1. The warriors guarded the east side of the tomb from enemies, while mountains and rivers served as natural barriers against attack from the other directions.
2. Each terra cotta horse has a saddle on its back, but there are no stirrups to help steady the rider.
3. Although markings on the coins found in the tomb indicate that each weighed eight grams, the coins are slightly different sizes and weights.
4. The First Emperor started building his tomb as soon as he became king of the state of Qin.
5. It is estimated that the tomb contains over 7,000 warriors, more than 600 horses, and 100 chariots.

This Just In…

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Chinese archeologists are going to begin excavation on another part of the terra cotta army site, with the hope of finding the “commander” of the force.

“We’re hoping to find a clay figure that represented a high-ranking army officer, for example,” he told Chinese state media. The dig will focus on a 2,153 sq ft patch inside the first of four pits around the emperor’s tomb.

For more on the story, please read the following article:

Special Collection Preview

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Photo by Wang Da Gang

Photo by Wang Da Gang

It’s always great to be in the know— lucky for you, our special exhibit pictures will be showing up every Thursday.

Wednesday Photo Challenge

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Courtesy of Christina on Flickr

Courtesy of Christina on Flickr

As you know, National Geographic Museum is running a photo challenge. The pictures posted on the site are all possible forerunners. To be considered for the challenge, please submit your photos to our flickr group. For more information look here:

A Brief (homemade) History of China

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Check out this video of a tourist’s travels to Xian that we found recently on YouTube.