Behind the Scenes with Chi Chang @ Mie N Yu

When Mike Cherner, head of PR for Mie N Yu, a local DC restaurant, met Chi Chang he was enthralled. Chi Chang had the ability to capture people’s imagination and attention unlike anything else he had seen. When Chi Chang walked through the restaurant in the middle of a busy dinner hour, Cherner noted that patrons jumped up, left their tables and even the line for the restaurant dispersed. Everyone, it seemed, wanted to be a part of the fantasy world that Chi Chang creates.

Cherner observed that Chi Chang enlived an inanimate museum object into something that is an active embodiment of history. A real terra cotta warrior walking around in the midst of our daily lives played on the emotions of those around him. The moments, dances, and cadences of a real warrior engaged observers in a unique way, providing a window on history.

While Cherner didn’t have the chance to see Chi Chang out of costume, he was surprised by the fact that it only took him 30 minutes to get ready. Seeing as his female friends take 30 minutes to simply change outfits to go to the mall, changing into a full warrior in 30 minutes seemed like an exercise in speed dressing!

Overall, Cherner loved the experience and can’t wait for more warrior moments in the fall.


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