Fast Fact Monday

Do you have facts to share about the warriors? Even more interesting do you have questions about these facts? Comment on this post and we will repost your facts, once we’ve background checked them and/or we will answer all your questions!

1.The warrior’s suits consisted of up to 250 tiles, which were attached to one-another by straps, buttons, and sometimes colored ribbons.
2. There are no terra cotta soldiers with helmets or shields.
3. To date, no pottery kiln large enough to fire full-size soldiers and horses has been found in the vicinity of the army.
4. Originally, the terra cotta warriors were entirely painted with bright and colorful pigments, while horses were painted brown and black.
5. The artisans that created the terra cotta warriors used cinnabar, malachite, and azurite, as well as bone white and ‘Han purple.


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