Fast Fact Monday

Goodness! August already? Before you know it the warriors will be here and tickets will sell out. We aren’t kidding; buy them now.

1.) Pit 1 contains the infantry also known as the Right Army. In Pit 2 are war chariots, sections of archers and a section of cavalry, known as the Left Army.

2.) The terra cotta warriors were built in assembly-line fashion by a hierarchy of masters and craftsmen.

3.) Pit 3 is the only pit that has been excavated in its entirety. It contained one chariot in its center, and sixty-eight high-ranking officers and foot soldiers.

4.) Pit 3 was made in the shape of a horseshoe.

5.) Pit 1, the largest of the three, contained the main army, including foot soldiers, armored officers, and wooden carriages drawn by four horses each.


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