Fast Fact Monday

500,000 people live in DC proper. 700,000 people built the Emperor’s tomb. Think about it.

1.) In 2000 archaeologists discovered an underground dam and drainage system in the tomb complex area.
2.) The tomb mound, in the shape of a square, flattened pyramid, is visible above ground, but the discovery of the terra cotta army came as complete surprise because it was nearly ¾ mile away from the mound itself.
3.) 700,000 men worked to build the First Emperor’s tomb and other structures.
4.) The First Emperor chose a burial site separate from the cemeteries of his ancestors, to demonstrate that he was not dependent on them for his power.
5.) The emperor’s tomb mound is on the slopes of Mt. Li near Lintong, east of Xi’an, the present day capital of Shaanxi province.


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