Monday’s Fast Facts

When is the last time you did anything by hand? Now, multiple that by hundreds of thousands. Now, think about the task undertaken by the artisans involved in creating the warriors. Impressive, isn’t it?

1.) Details on each warrior were modeled by hand, the figures were fired, and then painted.
2.) Groups of workers were supervised by foremen who signed or stamped their names on some of the figures to ensure quality control.
3.) The terra cotta army is an example of early mass production, involving over 1,000 men, many of whom were buried in mass graves to the west of the tomb mound.
4.) Faces, hands and feet were painted various colors. One archer’s face was painted green.
5.) The massive necropolis included an underground palace, offering halls, stables for the imperial horses, a garage for the emperor’s sedan and war chariot, kitchens, and offices for civil servants.


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