You waited. We slaved. Now enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Terra Cotta Warriors E-book (click this link!)



5 Responses to “E-book.”

  1. I saw it in Boston during the 1980’s. An awesome exhibit. I most highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  2. I was in China in May, 1996 to see the 8th wonder of the world.
    I visited Xi’an & saw the grave of the Terra Cotta Warriors where workers were unearthing each one individually.
    The Soldiers were found in 1973 by a farmer of which I have a picture with him in the bookstore signing his books.
    Each of the Warriors is different & has a different expression on his face.
    I also visited the Ming Tombs on the “Sacred Walk” Avenue of the animals.
    I am ready to view these magnificient Warrious again in Washington.

  3. I fist saw them a few years ago in Delaware at the Convention center. It was by accident that I was there that day for another exhibt. I was so impressed that I planned a visit to see them two years ago in Xian. I spent three weeks there in China and I also went to the Ming Tombs. I had a great time and I am still in touch with my tour guide! She is happy about the exhibt too and is thinking of flying here to see them here in Washington Dc. I will be her guide here. I met one of the farmers too. My guide told him that I am also a farmer. He was impressed and handed me a book without charge! a gift he said. he looked at my hands and nodded yes I work hard too. this was translated to me by my guide. I will have that book with me when I see this exhibit

  4. I click on the link for the Terra Cotta Warriors E-Book, but it keeps going in circles with the previous page. What do I have to do to download the E-book?

    • theterracottawarriors Says:

      Hi Barbara,

      You need to click the smaller link that says Terra Cotta Warrior E-book.

      If this doesn’t make sense to you, I can email you a copy.


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