Blogger Preview- Brightest Young Things

Thanks to BYT, the hip DC website, for endorsing our upcoming exhibit. Check out, the great photos courtesy of Chris Svetlik there.


One Response to “Blogger Preview- Brightest Young Things”

  1. Sharon in Woodbridge, VA Says:

    I attended the exhibit yesterday with my Girl Scout troop (these middle school girls are studying the effects of air pollution on our environment and had learned how air pollution is affecting the Terra Cotta Warriors, but, heck, we also just wanted to see a neat exhibit)!!

    We were not disappointed! The workmanship and the ideas behind such beautiful objecs (even the weapons) was mind-boggling!! One teensy complaint (especially for school-age groups): It would be helpful to provide a frame of reference for these kids who know the history of ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome (as well as western history, generally). They kept asking me about relative advances in, say, ancient Egypt at the time of the First Empire in China and I admit that I was at a bit of a loss — my mind being full of environmental science facts rather than history (LOL).

    That said, what a wonderful exhibit! Thank you, National Geographic Society, for a lovely afternoon.

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