A Museum Visitor Recaps

Dear National Geographic,

Wow, wonderful. I finally saw them today. I cannot wait to go see them again. I have been obsessing about them for a while now.

I really enjoyed seeing the heads close up, the braiding and ribbon detail was beautiful. I wish I could have taken photos and got closer to them but I understand why I could not. I can’t believe anyone could be disappointed in anyway seeing them in DC in this way; it is so much better than not at all. I would love to see the actual site with the lot of them- but who knows if I ever could get a chance. To me $12.00 is a steal. I will gladly pay it again and hopefully again. I loved the tiles also. It is so interesting to see the “swirl” type designs that I have seen in so many other cultures. On the “sunflower” tile and on the bowl- the cultures that come to mind of in my recent “studying” is Magyar, Mongolian, and Celtic artwork etc…. Beautiful.

It was a beautiful day today and it was a welcome distraction from my everyday life. I am not very good at writing or I would have loved to do the blogging thing. I happily got a T-shirt, small archer and the beautiful bookmark that you all gave out.
Thanks so much,
Carolyn Andracsek

Thank you Carolyn for writing in and we think you are a great writer!


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