Terra Cotta Warrior Smash!

PF Chang’s developed this fancy little cocktail to coincide with the Warriors’ arrival. It might be good enough to break the warriors out of the stone, but I’ll let you know after I have another. Its a difficult process deciding, but hey, someone has to do it!

Hennessy muddled with fresh lemons, mint and a pinch of Chinese 5-SpiceMuddle.
Shake & Strain
Glass: Bucket
Hennessy VS 1.5 oz
Lemon Quarters 3
Simple Syrup 1 oz
Mint Leaves 3 each
Chinese 5-Spice Pinch
Top with Soda Water

Muddle lemon quarters, simple syrup, mint leaves and Chinese 5-Spice. Add Hennessy and Shake with ice. Strain into bucket glass with fresh ice. Top with soda. Garnish:Mint Sprig

What is a Smash you ask? A “Smash” is a classic cocktail which predates the Mojito, is actually a category of drink, and one of the very first. It consists of any kind of spirit, combined with lemon and mint. It’s that simple. There are whiskey smashes, brandy smashes, etc. The Terra Cotta Warrior Smash offers a luxurious twist on the classic in that it is made with cognac (not a brandy) and has the twist of Chinese 5-Spice. ENJOY!


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