Did You Know?

Take a moment to see test your knowledge. Here is a short history of the terra cotta warriors:

259BC Ying Zheng became king of the state of Qin at age thirteen. Initially he ruled under the regency of his mother and Chancellor Lü Buwei.

239 B.C. The king began to rule in his own name. Shortly after assuming control, he sent his armies to conquer the surrounding states.

221 B.C. He renamed himself Qin Shihuangdi (Chin She-hwong-dee), First Emperor of the Qin, and declared his line would continue for ten thousand generations. In accordance with his new status, he greatly expanded the scope of his tomb, which by tradition was already under construction. Terra cotta warriors are built and buried in pits near the emperor’s tomb.

210BC Qin Shihuangdi dies of an illness on a tour of this empire.

208BC Xiang Yu, a warlord from the south, led an army into the capital, burning and plundering the city. It was probably his men who seized many of the weapons in the terra cotta army pits and burned various parts of the necropolis.

1974 The tomb is accidentally unearthed by local farmers digging to create a well.


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