Fast Facts

This is a re-post of an earlier entry but with so many new visitors, we thought we’d bring them back for a while!

Enjoy this Monday afternoon with a few fascinating fast facts.

1. The terra cotta warriors were equipped with bronze swords, daggers, axes, crossbows and bows.
2. Some weapons still bear inscriptions of the name of the workshop, the manufacturer, his assistants, a production number, and the date of production.
3. High ranking officers wore a double-layered tunic under a tiled armor apron, while middle-ranking officers wore armor of overlapping rectangular plaques, joined with cords and rivets.
4. Stone armor copied iron or leather armor and was thought to serve as protection in the afterlife.
5. The Chinese historian Sima Qian wrote that the First Emperor’s tomb contained a map of his territory made from mercury.


2 Responses to “Fast Facts”

  1. Sima Qian’s account of Qin Shihuang’s Tomb Complex; specifically the bronze relief map of the Qin empire, rivers and seas of flowing mercury and the celestial realm represened by the jewel studded ceiling; is depicted in the following video’s 5th and 6th minutes.

    Good idea to review.

  2. Good review! To elaborate on Fast Fact no. 5:

    Of Qin Shihuang’s underground tomb complex, historian Sima Qian noted a bronze relief map of the Qin empire with rivers and seas of flowing mercury. [see pg.21 – ]

    Additionally, Sima Qian wrote of a jewel studded ceiling representing the celestial realm.

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