Fast Facts

This is a re-post of an earlier entry but with so many new visitors, we thought we’d bring them back for a while!

Here are a few fast facts to end your work week. We promise to make your next water-cooler chat– a bit more than the norm.

1. The warriors were first discovered in 1974 by local villagers in Xian, China.
2. Scholars estimate that there are over 7,000 life-size figures of soldiers, charioteers, archers and cavalrymen. Only about 1,000 have been excavated.
3. The unique faces of each warrior may have been copied from live humans believed to be in the army.
4. Each warrior was covered with lacquer and then painted with colors made from minerals.
5. Terra cotta horses were fired in one piece except for their tails and forelocks.


One Response to “Fast Facts”

  1. marta araya-masry Says:

    I think it is a privilege to visit the Terracotta Warriors, and I know it has been a tremendous effort from National Geographic Museum to bring them to us, I am just very thankful and I am planning on a second visit. I am from Chile and I want to tell you that there is a Terracotta Warriors Exhibition in Santiago, Chile, with fifteen warriors and many artifacts. It has been great to exchange impressions with my friends and family from there.

    Thanks, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC for this exhibition; I consider the Warriors to be the eighth wonder of the world.

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