Fast Facts on the Terra Cotta Warriors

March is the pits (forgive me), so we’ve devoted this post to the TCW pits as well!

1. Pit 1 contains the infantry also known as the Right Army. In Pit 2 are war chariots, sections of archers and a section of cavalry, known as the Left Army.
2. Pit 1, the largest of the three, contained the main army, including foot soldiers, armored officers, and wooden carriages drawn by four horses each.
3. Pit 3 is the only pit that has been excavated in its entirety. It contained one chariot in its center, and sixty-eight high-ranking officers and foot soldiers.
4. Pit 3 was made in the shape of a horseshoe.
5. The terra cotta warriors were built in assembly-line fashion by a hierarchy of masters and craftsmen.


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