Blogger Review: Gallagher Travels

We are so impressed by the postings from all of our fans, read another one here from Gallagher’s Travels.

During his reign, Qin Shihuangdi, China’s first emperor, was so concerned about assassination that he rarely stayed in the same palace two nights in a row. To make sure he was safe in the afterlife, he had an army of life-size warriors made out of clay and buried around his tomb. In all, 7,000 terra cotta figures were buried, row upon row, facing east toward a pass in the mountains through which enemies might be expected to attack.

It is to be assumed that the army did its job well, for no one has yet opened the grave of Qin, who died in 210 B.C. The guardians themselves were undisturbed until 1974, when some farm workers digging a well near X’ian in Shaanxi province found them. The excavated site is now a favorite tourist attraction in central China. To date, only about 1,000 figures have been excavated and restored.


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