Fringed Campion

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Fringed Campion – less than or equal to 10,700

Silene polypetala

Athens, Georgia

“The species is truly, truly rare,” observes U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Peter Pattavina. Found only in mature hardwood forests of Georgia and Florida, this floral relict of the Ice Age has been under pressure from clear-cutting—for cotton plantations in the 19th century and pine plantations today.


George the Bluebird

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How could you not love this great post about George the Bluebird visiting the National Geographic Museum?

California Tiger Salamander

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California Tiger Salamander – unknown

Ambystoma californiense

Fresno Chaffee Zoo, Fresno, California

This salamander lives underground, appropriating holes created by other animals, and emerging to breed in pools formed during spring rains. Its range is limited to the grassy foothills of central California, where efforts are underway to protect certain plots of land known to provide safe habitat for these elusive creatures.

What is this?

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Clue # 1: This creature was only known by fossil record until 1972 when live specimens were found.

Clue #2: This creature only lives in conditions that mimic chilly Pleistocene temperatures of 15° to 50°F (and no its not a fish!)

Ace of Cakes Makes a Terra Cotta Warrior

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Tune in tonight to watch the Ace of Cakes make a Terra Cotta Warrior cake!!

Episode summary:

Charm City Cakes practices its foreign language skills as the decorators take on two formidable historic figures… a Terra Cotta warrior from China and a huge replica of Russia’s St. Basil’s Cathedral. The Cathedral delivery comes down to the wire and there seems to be a lot of smack talk about eye gouging going around.

For more information check out: and

The Flatened Musk Turtle

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Flattened Musk Turtle – remaining number unknown

Sternotherus depressus

Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga, Tennessee

A victim of habitat degradation, disease, and possibly human collection, this shy turtle is protected by Alabama and federal law. Strip mining for coal contributes to habitat disruption by increasing sediment and toxins in the water.

Rare by Joel Sartore

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This Gray Wolf is one of the many animals featured in Joel Sartore’s free photographic exhibit at the National Geographic Museum. Please stop in to check it out.